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Aluminum gate hinge

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Part Number: PRE57786
This beefy gate hinge is made of clear anodized stamped aluminum for extra strength and light weight.  It has symetrical square sides with rounded corners for a strong, clean look.  It mounts with 6 - #10 countersunk fasteners (not included).  Used by many boat builders, this is a great hinge whether you are adding a new one or replacing a cheaper one that has broken!

Need a different hinge?  Send the dimensions and a picture and I'll find it for you!

A = Overall length - 3"
B = Overall width - 3"
C = Each side length from hinge pin center - 1-1/2"
D = Hinge leaf thickness - 9/64"
E = Overall height (depth) at knuckle - 3/8"
gate hinge
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