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Chrome transom shower spray handle rounded

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Part Number: ITC97014-7
Manufacturer Part No: 97014-7
If you have a transom shower and only need the spray handle, why replace the whole thing?  Just screw the old spray handle off and screw the new one on! 

This is the original equipment chrome shower spray handle with finger trigger shut off, used on many ITC showers.  If your transom shower has a square plastic lid and flange and the cup has a slot in the bottom so the sprayer can go straight down or out the side, this is your shower handle sprayer! If it just has a hole in the bottom of the cup, you need part #ITC97016 HEAD.

If you need the shower valve and/or hose, we have those, too!
Approximately 7" long
Chrome plastic
The manufacturer of this transom shower has supplied boat builders for many years and has many different models.  If your transom shower is similar but is a different size or shape, let us know and we can get it for you. 
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