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Cool Water Stowaway Compact Shower

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Part Number: SSI4872
This compact transom shower features a high-gloss white acrylic capped ABS housing and door.  The door has an extremely durable stainless steel hinge, molded handle, and secure latch that keep it rattle free.  It should be mounted horizontally to allow the hose to hang when stored.  The maintenance free valve has a white knob.  The white shower wand can be set to shower or massage and is attached to a 10' white hose.
Overall housing dimensions are 8-3/16"W x 7-3/16"H x 3-5/8" D.  
The cut out is 7-1/8"W x 6-1/8"H x 3-5/8" D. 
You'll only need 4" of depth behind it, but you will need 7-8" of clearance below the back side to allow for the wand & hose. 
Water connections are standard 1/2" male threads.

Made in the USA !
The manufacturer of this transom shower has supplied boat builders for many years and has many different models.  If your transom shower is similar but is a different size or shape, let us know and we can get it for you.  They also supply other housings, like battery boxes, trash and storage compartments, tackle boxes, drink holders, etc.  We can get them all!
Don't need the whole shower?  We can provide replacement parts, too!