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AquaTik Transom Shower Box Only

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Part Number: HEA 300
If the rest of your transom shower is OK, why replace the whole thing?  This is the box only...

AquaTik hot & cold transom showers have been used on many boats.  If your shower looks like the one pictured (click "more info."), this is the direct replacement Box.  Another way to tell if you have an AquaTik shower is the distinctive round latch on the door (see picture).

Made in the USA!
Over the years AquaTik showers have undergone several cosmetic changes, but the overall size of the shower room box has been constant... so this will fit your opening!
Box flange width - 10-1/4"
Box flange height - 5-3/4"
Cutout width - 9-1/8"
Cutout height - 4-1/2"
Cutout depth - 3-1/4" (includes valve fittings)
Door overall width - 10-9/16"
Door overall height - 6-1/16"
Just need parts?  We have replacement wands and hoses to fit AquaTik showers!
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