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Warm White Back Pin Halogen Small LED Replacement

led replacement for G4 halogen bulb
led replacement for G4 halogen bulbhalogen bulb
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Part Number: LED BPIN 12WW
Manufacturer Part No: Lg4b12ww-25

This warm white LED bulb is smaller than most so we have found it fits in most lights that have 10W halogen G4 bulbs where the bulb is inserted from behind (back pin).  This includes many reading lights and some overhead "puck-style" lights.  It puts out 160 lumens and is warm white, so it is easier on the eyes and won't wash out colors.  The pins are extra long (7/8") and can be trimmed if needed, to allow it to fit inside many different lights. 

12 warm white (3200k) smd chips provide 160 lumens or the equivalent of a 10W halogen bulb... without the heat!

Operates from 10-30 volts DC, includes filter for electromagnetic interference and voltage regulated to protect from voltage spikes.

OD - 1.18"

Pin spacing is .16" (same as a G4 bulb pictured)
10W halogen bulb

Pins may be trimmed to allow fit in smaller lights.

2 year warranty

Have room for a larger bulb and want more light?  Click Here!

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