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Blue festoon LED bulb

LED festoon bulb
LED festoon bulbLED festoon bulbblue led festoon bulb
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Part Number: LED FES 6BU
Manufacturer Part No: Lf426bu

This festoon style Blue LED bulb fits many overhead and courtesy lights that had old, glass tube style bulbs (see pictures).  The light output is bright blue to add bling to your boat.  Light output is about the same as a 10 watt incandescent bulb.  The old bulbs projected light all around but these are directional, so the light will be focused in the direction you turn the bulb in the socket.  Replacing old festoon bulbs with these LEDs will greatly reduce heat output and amp draw while providing better light and lasting longer!

1.5 Watts, 97 lumens, compares to the 14W incandescent bulbs.

Because this light is directional, it is not recommended for navigational light fixtures!

Standard festoon shape, slightly wider in the middle.

Body is a little over 1/2" wide and a little over 1-1/2" long.  The ends are a little under 3/8" diameter.  Fits a standard SV8.5 socket.

Operates from 10-30 volts DC, includes filter to eliminate electromagnetic interference.

2 year warranty

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