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Blue LED Courtesy Light bulb

LED Replacement blue bulbchrome courtesy light
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Part Number: LED WDG 5BU
Manufacturer Part No: 194-BHP5
LED bulbs are common for many types of lights.  Unfortunately, because they tend to be very one-directional, they don't work well for courtesy lights where you want ambient light.  This blue LED bulb solves that problem with 5 LED chips!  One shines forward like a traditional LED.  The other 4 are radially mounted to shine out from the sides eliminating hot spots to give excellent ambient light... perfect for courtesy lights!  The blue light is easier on your eyes at night.

Replaces #194/168 & 912 wedge base bulbs.  
Puts out 21 lumens and only draws 50mA at 12V.  Operates from 10V -30V DC, so it won't be affected by normal voltage spikes.
Not polarity sensitive.

If you have one of the lights pictured, this bulb will fit it!
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