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CUP and CAP ONLY for recessed vertical mount white shower

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Part Number: SCN10029
Manufacturer Part No: 10029
This white plastic cold-only recessed transom shower has been used by boat builders for many years!  It features a white soft cap with the Scandvik logo on it (see picture) and a plastic cup that holds the sprayer at a 45-degree angle.  Over time, sun/salt, and abuse can take their toll on these parts.  If yours looks bad or is completely gone, you don't have to replace the whole shower!  The cup installs with 3 screws (not included) and the cap attaches under one of the mounting screws on the flange (there is a recess on the underside of the flange to allow it to lay flush to the deck).

If you have the shower pictured with the Scandvik logo on the cap, this is the correct cup and cap!  If it has a shower logo or holds the sprayer straight down, you need the SCN10014.

The top of the cap is 2-3/8 overall diameter.
The top of the cup is 3-5/8" in diameter
The mounting hole is 2-1/4"

Just need parts?  Why replace the whole thing?
We also have the sprayer and the hose!
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