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Rectangular White Plastic Vent Grill

Rectangular plastic vent grill
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Part Number: HAF571-64
This white plastic vent grill was frequently used to ventilate ice makers and refridgerators, usually in the cockpit.  Seven (horizontal) vent openings are protected by louvers that help keep out water. Can be glued or screwed in place.  Front of flange is smooth, no holes.  Backside of flange has 6 recesses to allow you to drill out mounting holes.
It was custom molded for some builders (Sea Ray, etc.) and may have different names on the flange. If yours fits these dimensions... it's the right grill!

Overall flange length - 9-7/8"
Overall flange height - 4-1/4"
Tailpiece overall length - 9"
Tailpiece overall height - 3-5/16"
Tailpiece depth - 1/2"
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