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Red LED Courtesy Light bulb

red led replacement bulbboat courtesy light
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Part Number: LED WDG 5RD
Manufacturer Part No: BLBLEDX5Red
LED bulbs are common for many types of lights.  Unfortunately, because they tend to be very one-directional, they don't work well for courtesy lights where you want ambient light.  This red LED bulb solves that problem with 5 LED chips!  One shines forward like a traditional LED.  The other 4 are radially mounted to shine out from the sides eliminating hot spots to give excellent ambient light... perfect for courtesy lights!  

The red light is perfect for night vision...

Replaces #194/168 & 912 wedge base bulbs.  
Puts out 9 lumens and only draws 26mA at 12V. 
Not polarity sensitive.

If you have one of the lights pictured, this bulb will fit it!

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