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1-1/2" short drain with removable screen

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Part Number: ME4142
Manufacturer Part No: 4142

This elbow drain is ideal for showers, decks or any compartment where you need to get maximum drainage with a screen and don't have much room below deck.  The fitting and nut are molded of high impact nylon, the flange and screen are white plastic and thread on to the fitting from above.  The very flush flange allows complete drainage, is 2.85" in diameter, and has a removable screen.  The 100 degree angled elbow drains better, hose barb fits 1-1/2" marine sanitation hose, and is molded of tough ST801 nylon.  This short thread version only extends about 2-3/4" below the top of the deck, but will only go through up to 1/4" of deck material.  Installs in a 2" to 2-1/8" hole. 

Made in the USA !

If you have a drain that has a white plastic flange or screen and a black elbow fitting, it was made by this manufacturer and we can get it!


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