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Single Knob Hot/Cold valve

hot and cold mixer valve
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Part Number: ITC97030-5CHM
Manufacturer Part No: 97030-5CHM
This innovative single knob hot and cold mixer valve has been used by many boat builders in transom showers and to control showers and faucets.  The chrome knob lifts up to turn the water on, push down to turn the water off.  Turn the knob clockwise to adjust the temperature. 

The valve installs through a 1" hole from underneath, held in place by a chrome 1-1/2" diameter finish bezel.  Can be installed in up to 3/4" thick material.  Inlet water supply lines are 6" long stainless steel flex hoses with 1/2" male pipe threads (actually measure about 3/4" across).  The water outlet is also a 6" stainless steel flex hose and has a 1/2" male pipe thread connector.  The chrome knob is 1-3/8" in diameter and 1-1/2" tall with blue & red dots to indicate hot and cold. 

Used by builders such as Regal Boats, Sea Ray, and Monterey Boats. 

Also, can be used to convert a cold water stowaway shower without having to cut holes or change the box!  The SSI4872 cold-only shower has been used by many builders including Leopard Catamarans and Contender Boats.

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