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1-3/8" Plug for Southco / Orcas 1-1/2" stainless scupper

plug for southco / orcas 1-1/2" scupper
plug for southco / orcas 1-1/2" scupperorcas stainless steel scupper
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Part Number: MSC244PLUG
This is a great rubber plug for any 1-3/8" hole!  Top flange is 1-3/4" diameter and it has a large loop that makes putting it in & out easy!  Body extends 1/2" into the hole and has 2 molded rings for an excellent seal.  

Originally designed for use on the inside of the Southco / Orcas 1-1/2" scupper.  Works well as a sink plug, baitwell plug, or compartment drain plug!

If your scupper looks like the one pictured, this is the plug you need!

If you need the whole scupper, CLICK HERE!
If you just need the flapper, CLICK HERE!
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