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Straight L head drain, 1-1/2" hose barb long

L head plastic drain
L head plastic drain
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Part Number: ME6710W
Manufacturer Part No: 6710W
This straight L head drain has a wide, flat lip on the bottom edge of the flange to allow it to drain all the way down to the deck.  The 1-1/2" hose barb is also off-set toward the bottom so water drains into the hose completely.  It is molded of UV resistant, high strength Acetyl that resists degradation from sun and sealants.  Comes with plastic nut, fits 1-1/2" marine sanitation hose, and has room for double hose clamps.  Extra long threads allow this thru hull to fit thicker bulkheads.

These are the most widely used flat-sided drains in the marine industry... if yours looks like this, it is probably the same make!

L head drain

A - 5.41"
B - 2.65"
C - 2.2"
D (hole size) - 1.84
E - 1.36"
F - .56"
G - 3.1"
H - 1.2"
I - 1.5"
Made in the USA!
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