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Warm White Wedge base tower LED bulb

wedge base led replacement bulb
wedge base led replacement bulbwedge base led replacement bulbwedge base led replacement bulb
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Part Number: LED WDG 18WW
Manufacturer Part No: Lt1018ww

This wedge base bulb has 18 warm white (3200k) LEDs arranged to provide uniform light perfect for reading lights.  We have tried it in many lights and it provides a good ambient light (sides) and forward light for reading and for lights with glass shades.   

3.2 Watts, 231 lumens, compares to a 33 watt incandescent bulb.  Must brighter than the 10W bulbs it usually replaces!

Standard wedge base is approximately 3/8" wide.

Body is 7/8" diameter and about 1-1/2" long when installed.

Operates from 10-30 volts DC, includes filter to eliminate electromagnetic interference and voltage regulated to protect from voltage spikes.

2 year warranty

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